Wednesday, March 18, 2009 Website Sales Tips - Get More Online Avon Customers Sales Tips

If you haven't noticed already, the whole world seems to be now online, and traditional ways of doing business has moved to the computer.

As Avon Reps that is a great move for us as it means that we can now use an online website to send our customers to without worrying about ordering for them, delivery and packaging. So how do you make the most of using an online website like the site and

Just like with a regular website we need to advertise our avon web address at every chance that we get. That means putting our address on our business cards, brochures, flyers, email signatures - any place that we can do so that is allowable.

Think about where your potential customers might hang out -
  • Daycare Centres - Slip a business card into other mother's lockers (it's a lot cheaper than handing out brochures).

  • Bulletin Boards - Pin your business card and/or flyer with your webaddress on any bulletin board you find.

  • Advertise in school newsletters - See if your school has advertising on their school newsletter and how much it would be to place an ad for website.

  • Online Classified Ad sites: Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, US Free Ads all allow advertising (some cost money, some are free).

  • Forums where your customers might be: Check with the rules of the forum - some allow signatures, some don't.

All of these ideas can help increase online sales and build your avon business.

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shmurphyjr said...

So when a customer orders through your online store how do you get credit (paid) for their order through direct delivery or representative delivery in person?