Thursday, March 12, 2009

Increasing Your Avon Personal Care Sales

Everyone needs deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. And since Avon stocks all of this they should be buying from you right!

However most people just pick up their shampoo & conditioner at the grocery store without even thinking about it. They want them instantly, without waiting for an 'order' to come in.

So if you want to increase your avon sales of these products you are going to have to act like a store and have those smaller products in stock.

I usually hate keeping too much avon stock in my home (my house isn't big enough for my regular stuff!) but I will keep a few bottles of shampoo & conditioner, deodorant's and shower gels in case my customers want some instant gratification.

When you are taking your customer order, take these products with you and casually ask, "Are you right for shampoo this week?" while holding the product in your hand. You are not being pushy - just gently reminding them if they need anything.

I've found that about every third customer will say that yes they do need that product and pay you instantly on the spot for it. Done! Sale!

And believe me - these sales add up quickly.

Are you feeling really brave? Leave a few shampoo & conditioner or shower gel samples in the woman's gym locker room with your details on the back.

According to website statistics, behind skin care and makeup, personal care items are the biggest avon seller online as well. I've got some more tips on getting more sales over at my other website.

Happy sales!

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Staci B said...

Tracey I have been skimming through your tips for Avon and they are amazing! I am kind of new to Avon and all of this helps. I recently found a mark item the 3 in one shampoo, body wash and bubble bath. I forget the name but I tries it out because a customer was curious about it. It has to be the best for all three needs. I highly recommend trying it out. I believe it is called mark threes a charm on pear blossom.