Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do You Keep Stock of Avon Products?

Personally I'm not a huge fan of keeping a large stock of avon products at home - although for special occassions it's worth having a few basics around for last minute purchases. You are not allowed to have a store or market stall and sell your products that way so there is no need to keep much avon product at your home.

Samples on the other hand - now I do seem to have a lot of samples at home that accumulate over time. So what do you do with all those extra samples?

Here are some ideas to get rid of extra avon stock and samples:
  • Attach a skin care sample to your business cards and leave your cards wherever you are allowed (bulletin boards, business card boards). People will be taking your card if just for the free sample! (and hopefully they will love it so much they'll ring you to order or go to your avon representative website).
  • Make up little 'gift' packs of a variety of samples and give them to new customers. They'll become loyal customers and appreciate your gift.
  • If you have any old samples of avon products that are no longer in stock give them in bulk to nursing homes and aged care homes for the residents who can't afford to buy expensive skin care but would really appreciate your old stock (you can do this with full sized products too). This one won't make you any money but will make you feel good about yourself - and who knows, the nurses might want avon in the future ;)
  • I give some of my old lipsticks that I can't resell to a local kindergarten - the children get to draw with them and the childcare workers love them too.


K♥ said...

Do Avon reps in Australia get a Avon representative website were their customers can make online orders?

Admin said...

Hi K,

Not yet, only reps in the US do at the moment.

There are plans to do it in the future though.