Monday, October 6, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Being an Avon Representative

Life As An Avon Representative

So, you’ve been given your “territory” (the houses that Avon’s Area Sales Manager says are exclusively yours to canvas), a supply of Avon brochures, and you’re ready to venture out and earn some money as an Avon representative. Avon will give you predictions of the number of customers and likely sales your territory will produce but you would be unwise to use these figures to try to predict how much commission you will earn, especially from your first few rounds. Some customers will buy on a regular basis, but place quite small orders each time.

Others will place a few, large orders and some will buy sporadically. Until you get to know your area you really can’t predict the level of sales. Bear in mind too, that orders will increase as the people get to know you and you build up trust.

Most people start direct selling via catalogues like Avon's on a part-time basis and many reps expect to earn reasonable money for just a few hours of work a week. Avon agents with a large ‘family and friends’ customer base may find that this is so, but those relying just on delivering catalogues could find it more time consuming. How much time you take to get round your territory will depend on the type of houses: some have long paths, others are close together. If you find you have to walk further than expected, don’t worry; the exercise is very good for you!

Be positive!

In any area there will be people who welcome your Avon brochures with enthusiasm; those who will look through and perhaps buy occasionally; those who will return the brochure unopened; and those who seem to take it as a personal insult that you put one in their post box. The latter should be dismissed without another thought. These people will not be customers so be positive, don’t waste any more time on them and cut them out of your round. The enthusiasts will become regular customers and are therefore worth spending some time with. The more people who can be persuaded to buy necessities such as shampoo and deodorant on a regular basis the better as they will get into the habit of ordering and will soon find other things of interest in the catalogue.

You will need to make sure that you don’t stop giving Avon catalogues to houses that don’t place an order after your first few visits. As people get used to you leaving a brochure some will become more interested and look through it. Each campaign you will pick up a few more customers, widening your customer base. This is essential for long -term success because you don’t want to be relying just on orders from a few regulars who may not order in a particular campaign.

Many orders will be quite small, but some people could be just trying out the products. Hopefully they will like what they buy and become increasingly enthusiastic.

Once you have got to grips with the ordering system that part of the job shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Sorting the products between your customers once they have been delivered to you could be more time-consuming. However, delivering orders to customers can be the most enjoyable part of the job. You will soon get to know your customers and will see that they like the products. And, of course, that’s when you get paid! Above all, enjoy yourself as an Avon representative, the money can be good and meeting new people can brighten your life.

AUTHOR: Tony and Katy Luck joined Avon 4 months ago. They now run a team of over 20 reps. Visit their website to find out what's involved with being an Avon representative and how you could benefit by joining the Avon network.


Mackenzie Mabrey said...

Thanks for this. I have been feeling down lately and this is very uplifting.

Anonymous said...

I just began as an Avon rep - or RE-began as I've done this three other times. But, I'm confused. Avon has had territories in years. The last time I remember them was in the early 80s.

Tracey said...

They still have territories in some areas. I think the UK and Australia also use them extensively.