Friday, May 9, 2008

New Orders through Customer Referrals

If you would like to increase your customer base, a good way to do it is to ask your existing customers if they know anyone else who would like to receive the Avon brochure.

Often times your current customer won't have thought about it before, but if you mention it they can start to think, oh yes Mary from the office was saying she wanted some shower gel .. etc.

Other tactics are to tell your customer's that you are having a competition in your area as to which Avon Representative can gain the most new customers, and you would like them to hand a few extra brochures to their friends to see if any of them would like to order anything as well.

Say you will give a free gift to them if they can get you some new customers.

Most people are happy enough to try and help you win the 'competition' to get more customers and will pass around the brochures to their friends.

It's a great way to gain new business!

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