Friday, May 2, 2008

Explode your Avon Skin Care Sales

I have recently been trialing a way to boost my skin care sales and I'm excited to let you in on a method that has been hugely successful for me.

This method is for your regular customers or friends and family that you know and trust.

Ask them if they would mind trialing a range of skincare products for you for seven days. You'll give them the products one week and pick them up the following week and they will report on how they liked the products.

Give them a fullsize brand new cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I like to put them in a little clear bag to keep them all together (and it makes them look better).

What usually happens is that the customer falls in love with the products and asks if she can keep/buy them. In fact I've tried this with over twenty customers in the past month and only two returned the products to me! (Return any used products to Avon so you are not out of pocket yourself).

This method works especially well for the higher end skin care products such as the Anew & Clinical ranges.

Happy skin care selling!

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