Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Orders for Mother's Day

Start getting your brochures ready with stickers on the front saying 'Last Orders before Mother's Day'. I would also advertise any of your own specials on the front as well (if you are doing gift baskets or free wrapping etc).

Mother's Day is one of Avon's best selling periods (apart from Christmas and the holiday's of course).

Another idea that a friend of mine has started doing is wrapping the brochures like a gift with clear cellophane and ribbon and then leaving them at the door's of her customers houses so they get a little surprise when they get home. I really like this idea as everyone loves getting gifts.

If you don't want to waste brochures, just wrap your business card and a sample with a little card or tag that says that you were thinking of them and wish that they have a great day. It would be great if you could tie the slogan on the card with the sample too. For example if you are giving out a perfume sample something like: 'Hope your day smells as sweet as 'perfume name' - From Your favorite Avon Lady'.

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