Monday, March 31, 2008

SPAM Email from Avon Selling Secrets!

I just had a customer contact me to ask my why I was sending her so many spam emails. I assured her that I do not send any other emails other than the download link for the ebook I wrote so I was not sure what was going on.

It seems another site with a very similar name to mine has been sending spam email to some of my customers. I have no idea how they got any email addresses, I assume that they asked for an email address somewhere on their site and people got confused with mine.

MY sites are and this blog.

I DO NOT send spam email to any of my customers, or share your address details with anyone. If you or someone you know has received any spam email please let me know so we can try and work out what is going on.


1 comment:

Avon said...

Avon is a nice company and I think you are not a spammer. There is something different between the spamming by a spam bot and the information broadcasting ;)