Friday, March 14, 2008

Find an Avon Buddy

Do you know any other Avon Reps? If so it can be a great idea to buddy up and try and think of selling strategies together.

Having a friend to bounce ideas off is a great way to stay motivated. It's also more fun if you decide to hand out brochures to people if you have someone else there for moral support.

Choose a great location and both go and hand out brochures and business cards. You can even hand out samples if you like - but try not to spend too much money. Any new customers that you get, split them 50/50 with your Avon buddy so it's fair.


Coral said...

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for all the great tips. I'm a new rep in Brisbane and your ideas are all very helpful. I ordered business cards from and plan on using your idea for a holiday brochure scavenger hunt soon.

I was wondering if you had any ideas for getting customers in apartments or units? I have a lot of them in my area.



Tracey said...

Hi Coral,

Glad you are finding the tips helpful.

Great question about the units. I'll put my thinking cap on and try and come up with some winning ideas for you.


Kayleigh said...

There is a couple of forum boards for meeting and keeping in touch with other Avon workers. One is at but she is too money motivated and charges about £10 per year for membership.

The other is the Avon Friends Forum which is run just for fun and support by a couple of young Sales Leaders with too much time on their hands and can be found at

The Avon Friends Forum has only been online a couple of months but is probably the best of the two - albeit a little quiet thus far but in saying that a) it is free and b) by reading their sticky threads entitled things like "how to make this forum work for you" the girls seem to want to focus more on doing what they can to build a good online community of Avon workers in order to support and encourage other Avon workers and newbies rather than making any money from the site itself. I'm sure they must make a couple of bucks from their Google adwords but probably only enough to cover the hosting.

Anyway, one thing it is missing though is a "Find and Avon Buddy" catagory which is a absolutely great idea. Do you guys mind if I suggest it to them and send them your link?

Tracey said...

Hi Kayleigh,

I don't mind at all, in fact I would love you to send my link - the more ideas we have for Avon Reps the better it is for all of us!


bev said...

I saw this today and felt you were unfair to - she set that up and had to do things legally so that sales leaders can buy and sell leads. She even had to seek legal advice after avon tried to take the site off of her. She charges £10 a year and this goes straight back into the site in bandwitdh and server costs. I think it is far and felt that what you said was unfair and not helpful.

Trish said...

For the life of me I can't remember where I've seen a post similar to this one about the same thing before lol. Wheesh I'm getting old :$ Was it on netmums? Hmmm perhaps.

I wouldn't really call it unfair to Flissy as I used to go on the Avon forum board on the Avon website and got to know Flissy a little when she was selling websites to the Avon girls, I too thought she was a bit too money motivated.

I didn't join her forum as I don't make that much from my Avon anyway so I didn't want to part with a tenner at the time so it's nice when something is free so I pop in for a snoop on the friends forum now and again.

I'm not sure what kind of bandwidth or website space Flissy is using but I built a knitting homepage with one of those free programs about 6 years ago which now gets tons of visits every week from all over and I only pay about £34 per year for unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth and £12 per 2 years for my domain name. Have to agree with Kaleigh though it should all just be a good bit of fun and team building and can be done really cheaply.

The girls at the friends forum don't charge anything so it can't be costing them much to keep themselves online and Avon don't seem to mind, good luck ladies ;)

All good news then ;)


bev said...

I guess people will always critisie things they didnt think of first I suppose.

She used to create websites for avon sales leaders at £70 a time so hardly making a fortune.

The bandwidth thing I asked here about and she has a dedicated server just for flissys so that is where the cost goes. Because they upload to a document library there and have a photo gallery.

Also she is a website designer by trade so she wouldnt use free software, she designed the site from scratch.

I just felt that see as she hadnt seen this that it was unfair for someone to make a comment without others seeing the other side.

Scott said...

Hi, I found this website by sheer accident while looking for info on Vistaprint and was about to click it off again when I saw the post about using, or not using free software.

I have a touch of OCD so couldn't possibly imagine surfing away until I defended the free open source software community at least a little.

As a software developer, I know the Internet would be a non entity without open source software. Even the mighty Google runs on the Apache webserver which in turn wouldn't function were it not for the Linux operating system that supports it. All free by the way. Every website development company uses free open source control panel software such as cPanel as a backend for their clients and PHP, also free, is a server side scripting language on which at least 80% of all websites on the Internet rely in order to function. The other 20% is either the rubbish as ever ASP or just basic HTML among other insignificant things.

Sorry for the rant, it was my obsessive compulsive disorder talking I wouldn't have slept without spreading the good word.

Personally, I'd choose free everytime for a number of reasons. If what you've just downloaded isn't what you expected, you've lost nothing, delete it and find something else. If you find something better than what you downloaded previously, you've still lost nothing and with free open source applications, the open source community is phenominal in size with sometimes hundreds of developers contributing and debugging a single application at any given time. Myself included but I think thats down to my OCD again. My brain goes into coding overdrive and if anyone has seen The Matrix they'll get the picture.

With paid for stuff, you probably have a dozen or so in a team which have no sooner released version 1.123 of whatever piece of software, but are wondering how much to charge for the security patch a few weeks later or service pack 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 such as we see with Windows XP from those scoundrels at Microsoft.

I wouldn't completely bash commercial software though, my computer is also a jukebox thanks to a nifty little script that cost me £30. Love it.