Friday, February 1, 2008

Get your current customers to find you even more customers!

As Easter is coming up, I like to offer an Easter Basket full of lots of lovely Easter-y type things (doesn't have to be Avon).

Instead of just holding a drawing for everyone that orders from you, I like to hold a 'competition' to see which of my current customers can WIN the Easter Basket.

You can either do it two ways:

1. The customer that brings you the most customers wins, OR
2. The customer that brings you the highest $ value of orders wins.

I personally prefer option 2, as I'm in Avon for the money (yes, I'll admit that) and would prefer to service 5 customers with high orders than 20 customers with small orders.

Make sure that your Avon Easter Basket if full of valuable items that your customer's will want to win, but don't go overboard - you still need to make some profit.

Good luck!

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