Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding New Customers vs Keeping Current Customers

I recently got a question from someone asking why I focus so much on customer service and giving little bonuses to my customers rather than use that energy to find even more customers and sales.

While finding new customers is important, it is actually easier to build your business by keeping your current customers happy.

For a start if you provide exceptional service they will buy from you again and again. They will even recommend you their friends and family and sometimes even 'help' you by getting orders for you.

Compare that to the amount of time it takes to find a new customer. Every new Avon Rep will attest to how hard it is to find customers. It IS hard to get new business but of course it can be done.

You know how hard it is to get new customers, so if you already have a customer base make sure you don't ever lose them by providing them with the best service ever.

One customer for life is much better for your business than ten new customers who only order once.

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