Monday, January 28, 2008

What to do with your old Avon Catalog's?

Do you throw them out, recanvass your area, or let the kids cut out the pictures?

If you want to make the most out of your Avon brochures then get them out there and seen. No-one is going to order from you if it's in the garbage bin. I know a lot of people feel 'pushy' if they keep dropping brochures in people's yards (tossing), but trust me, if you are consistent it really does work. Like I have said in previous posts, it takes around 7 times before someone will buy from you.

Of course that is going to cost you money so this is where you 'recycle' your old brochures. If you can back order from them - great! but if they are too old then place a sticker on the front saying that the new brochure has even MORE great specials, if they would like to see a regular brochure give you a quick email. Or you can choose to honor the prices in the brochure since the prices usually stay similar from brochure to brochure.

Good luck with your Avon business.

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