Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Selling Avon - Valentines Day Tip #1

Valentine's Day can be a big seller if you know who to sell to.

Obviously this is time to target the men! As I've already mentioned many times, men like things to be easy, and if you offer them a gift service then they are much more likely to buy.

For example. I have an elderly gentleman who loves buying Avon of me. Yes it's true! He buys gifts for his 'lady friends'.

Here is what I do when he wants things wrapped. I place his items in an inexpensive basket (that I got from the $1 store) add some pretty colorful tissue paper (red is the best color for valentine's day -but pink can work well too). It costs me about $1.50 in supplies to make up the basket, however he is more than happy to pay that $1.50 for the extra gift wrapping (because he doesn't have to do it - I made things EASY for him).

And of course, he buys from me often, especially at gift giving time!


Anonymous said...

Where can I get a copy of your ebook?

Tracey said...

Hi, It'll be up on my site very soon! I'm just trying to figure out what price to sell at.