Monday, December 3, 2007

Start thinking about next year

Now the December is here, the Avon Christmas season is starting to slow down and draw to a close.

This is a great time to finalise last minute Christmas gift ideas for your customers and just relax with your family and friends yourself.

It's around this time that I start thinking and planning for next year. Late December/ early January is generally a slow Avon month (after the holiday season and New Year celebrations) and so customers tend to buy less at this time.

It isn't until around the middle of January that things start to pick up. So what's next after January? February of course and that means Valentines Day! Yes I've started thinking about Valentines day ideas already!

Over the next few weeks there is going to be some big changes over at I've decided to make the site bigger and better for everyone. But that means I'm going to have to take the site offline for a while. I'll probably 'close up shop' around the middle of December and 'reopen' mid January. I've got some big plans and I hope that I can fit them all in!

Anyway since I'm already thinking about next year and the following months, maybe you should too!

Happy Selling

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