Sunday, December 9, 2007

Avon Samples - Do you keep a huge supply?

Recently I was caught out by a potential customer who was asking me about a specific brown shade of lipstick.

Like all Avon Reps, I usually keep a few samples of each type of skin care and I've got a lot of little lipstick samples lying around, but I certainly don't have a sample of every shade of lipstick that Avon sells (my house isn't that big!).

So should you have every sample of every product that Avon has?

I actually don't think it's necessary. In the case of this customer, I told her that I would order the samples in specifically for her. That actually proved beneficial because it made her feel special, like I was providing exceptional customer service to her so she didn't mind waiting.

Of course it would have been good if I had the exact shades there for her as well, but if you are like me, and don't have a storage facility at your disposal, I think it's perfectly fine to order samples on a needs only basis.

By all means keep a few in stock for giving out, but it isn't necessary to have a sample for every single product.

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