Saturday, November 3, 2007

Strange Avon Customer ...

Have you ever had an Avon customer that acted just that little bit strange? I had a call last night from a lady that had placed an order with me (I haven't met her yet, remember I'm still new to this area).

This was 8.00pm on a Friday night, which is a strange time to call anyway, and she was asking if I had placed her order. I told her that I had indeed placed her order and that it would be delivered to me on Tuesday. (Actually it gets delivered to me on a Monday, but I like to give myself one day to get organised before I start delivering).

She was slurring her words and just didn't seem all there. She also keep asking something about her sister who lives in another state and how her husband is too controlling to let her buy Avon but could I send her some anyway. Huh!?

Well I arranged a time to deliver her Avon products for the following Friday so I'll keep you posted when I finally get to meet the slurring strange customer as to what she is really like in person!

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