Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Should you carry extra Avon stock?

Quite often Avon will encourage us Reps to take advantage of certain deals on Avon products with the theory being that we can sell them to our customers on the spot.

But should we take these offers or not?

There are times when you should, and times when I don't recommend it. And here are my reasons why:

  • If you have a decent customer base and you think that you'll be able to easily sell the stock to them.
  • If it's nearing gift giving time and you want to make up some gift baskets to show your customers and you can use these products.
  • If it's cheap enough for you to afford.


  • If you have a customer base of less than 20. (Unless you are SURE that they will all buy the products.)
  • If you can't afford it.


  • There will be times when it's a great deal but you just aren't sure whether to take the deal or not. In times like these I like to run through a quick checklist.
  • 1. Is it a product that can be used year round i.e. makeup/skincare?
  • 2. Can you afford it right now?
  • 3. If you couldn't sell it, would it be something you would buy for yourself anyway?
  • 4. Is there a return policy on this deal?

I generally don't buy many advance order deals, simply because I seem to get left with a lot of stock in my house if I do. The only times I will buy is usually either skincare or bath/body products since these are my best sellers.

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