Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to present your Avon samples

Avon samples sell!

It is so true that if an avon customer can try then you have a bigger chance to get them to buy.

So what is the best way to present your samples to your customers. You could stick them to the front of the brochure, or maybe to the page where the product is located. This is fine but doesn't give the most BANG for your BUCK!

Instead get a little bag, or cellophane paper. See through is good. And put a few samples inside as well as your business card. Attach a pretty ribbon and a little tag that says 'Please try the new Moisture Rich Lipstick (or whatever sample it is), it's currently on special for $4.99 (or whatever the price is), and I thought you would just love it!'.

This makes the customer feel special as you 'thought' of her and it's presented as a little gift. WIN WIN!

Guaranteed to increase your sales this Christmas (or anytime really!)

Happy Christmas Selling!

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