Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Drawing for your customers

An Avon Rep friend of mine has had great success with this idea.

What she does is make up a big basket full of all her old stock and tells her customers that they can win it simply by placing an order of $20 or more.

She gives her customers 1 entry for a $20 order, 2 entries for a $40 order, 3 entries for a $60 order, and so forth.

The effect this has is that if a customer places say a $35 order, they are more willing to spend an extra $5 dollars just to get an extra entry into the drawing!

It gives her sales a huge boost at this time of year.

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Anonymous said...

I was just here going thru your site looking for ways to increase sales. I think this is a great idea...its a little to late to try it cause the orders are already out for christmast, but I will definately try it for next year...God willing..thanks