Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Avon Delivery Bags

What do you use to deliver you Avon products in? Do you use the default Avon supplied delivery bags or do you use something else?

Try and think about what would make more of an impression on your customers. Customers love little extras and how it's presented to them can make a big difference.

I recently experimented using white plastic bags and white paper gift bags. Which do you think got more of an impression? Of course the white paper gift bags did. Customers loved them.

Yes they are more expensive, but if you buy in bulk you can usually get a great discount. Have a look at paper supply companies, or even dollar shops. I can usually pick these up for less than 20 cents each from a supplier (I have to order more than 50 at a time though).

They can even be found cheaply on eBay - Check out Gift Bags on eBay. There are some great Christmas patterned ones at the moment too.

Maybe you could 'theme' your bags to suit a promotion you are having? Add some ribbon for a festive cheer?

Make your Avon customers feel special and they will return to you time and time again.


Anonymous said...

I use gift bags and fluff pink tissue paper on the top like it's a gift. My customers love it and feel like they are getting a special treat when they receive their orders!

Michelle Ferguson said...

I know that this post is old, however, I would lilke more ideas on how to dress up my customer orders using the Avon bags. I hope that you receive this message. How do you fluff the pink tissue paper?