Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tossing - Brochures that is!

If you are looking for more customers in your area, one of the more popular ways of Canvassing is tossing (US) or letterbox drop (Aus & UK).

If you want to try this understand that it takes around three or four times before a customer builds up enough trust in you to actually buy something. In fact the hit rate for dropping brochures is around 1 customer for every 100 brochures. A 1% hit rate isn't great, but if you pick up one or two new customers each campaign that could be at least 20-30 customers every year or more (depending on how many brochures you purchase).

Best way to get a customers attention is to put your contact details sticker on the front that says something like:
To order or receive brochures regularly please contact: [Your Name]
on [phone number] or [email address]
Brochure Expires: [date] "

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