Monday, October 29, 2007

Finding Avon Customers from scratch

I've recently moved to a new area which means my previously successful Avon career has disappeared and I'm starting from scratch again.

That means, like you, I need to build my customer base again.

This first campaign I haven't done anything special except mention to people that I meet that I have an Avon business. Did you notice I didn't say that I 'sell' Avon. I said I have an Avon business. People respond much more positively if they think they are dealing with someone successful.

I only purchased 10 brochures. Yep, just 10 and I only gave them to people who wanted to see one, that is HUNGRY CUSTOMERS!. And while the campaign doesn't close for another few days I've already got around $300 in orders and not one of them is from a family member or friend.

Not bad for starting out, huh!

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